Coldest village in the world where it hits -71C and cars, plumbing and vodka freeze

Brits may be shivering in their winter coats this December as it has already snowed in the UK and the chilly weather is just around the corner. But you’ll probably be grateful for our relatively mild weather when you discover the coldest village on earth, where locals endure temperatures as low as -71°C.

The coldest temperature ever recorded in the UK was a freezing -27.2°C in Braemar in Scotland in both 1895 and 1982. However, in Oymyakon in Eastern Siberia, Russia, temperatures regularly drop below -50°C. Even by the standards of Siberia – one of the coldest inhabited regions on earth – this is extreme.

The coldest temperature ever recorded in Oymyakon was -71.2 °C in 1924. The average winter temperature is -50°C, which means it often drops even lower. You’ll be amazed that people manage to live and survive in such freezing temperatures – but they do, and they have families, jobs, and even go to school in the cold.

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The area’s remote location, miles from the sea and deep in a valley, makes it a freezing desert in winter. Additionally, local legend says that when God created the earth, his hands became so cold as he moved across the ice that he dropped everything in Oymyakon.

Due to the low temperatures, frostbite can occur after just a few minutes, but wrapping up warm can help. The area was originally used as a place for reindeer herders to water their animals at a local thermal spring – but other than the natural spring water and other liquids, it is difficult to stay hydrated.

Oymyakon City, Siberia, seen from here. up in a blanket of snow(Image: Corbis via Getty Images)

Cars are running almost constantly and have to wear jackets or the engine will freeze. Most of the toilets are outhouses with no plumbing as the pipes are broken and as you walk around the village even your tears and tears freeze on your face and eyelashes – so you have to wear a balaclava if you don’t want!

Reindeer have historically been an important part of the city’s culture(Image: Getty Images/Collection Mix: Subjects RF)

Wrapped up against the cold, locals walk the streets of Oymyakon(Image: Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

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