Common House Pests That You Might Find Lurking In Your Toilet

Silverfish are fast-moving pests that you may sometimes encounter in your toilet. These elusive insects skillfully enter your home through openings near pipes, narrow gaps in walls, and cracks around window frames. They can also sometimes enter your home by hiding in infested paper items. Once inside, they will find their way into your bathroom due to the humidity and darkness which are the main attractions. Don’t be surprised if they crawl in or around your toilet, as they often visit all areas of the bathroom. Interestingly, these ubiquitous pests can have a lifespan of up to eight years, making effective control critical.

Getting rid of silverfish requires a two-pronged approach. You can make a repellent using cedar oil and water and spray it around your pipes (or other areas you suspect they are invading). You can also go the chemical route with silverfish-specific insecticides, but always read the label carefully. Alternatively, diatomaceous earth is a natural, safe powder that dehydrates these pests, providing a less toxic solution. You need to spread it in areas where you suspect silverfish. Of course, a well-ventilated bathroom is anathema to silverfish. They do not like dry, well-lit places. Installing an exhaust fan can reduce humidity levels, making your bathroom less attractive to these creatures.

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