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Caribbean homes are extravagant. Nobody wants their oceanfront property to have problems, but problems do occasionally arise. One of them is a broken sewer line, which brings a lot of problems to look out for. Here are some common signs that your sewer line needs repairing to keep your home and yard safe.

Sewage backups

Sewage backup applies to consistent plumbing problems where sewage is backed up with every flush. While backups or clogs are occurring, consistent clogging is a strong indicator of problems with your sewer line. Check your entire house’s drainage system to see if more than one drain is clogged. If so, a sewer pipe needs to be repaired.

Slow process

Likewise, slow drains by nature are not a cause for concern. Usually a piston or spider tool can clean up the problematic drain. However, if cleaning techniques fail, you may need to call a professional sewer service to correct the situation. This is because clogged large drains require repair on the direct line rather than through individual drains. Professional sewer maintenance teams inspect the adjacent sewer system and carry out the appropriate excavation technique to remedy the situation.

Fragrant water

If your water smells bad, this is a clear sign that something is wrong with your water pipe. Intact sewer pipes are airtight so that no odor escapes. Sulphurous smells, like rotten eggs, indicate a break in this pipe. If you smell sulfur or other toxic fumes, call a plumber immediately. Also, avoid drinking or bathing in the water until a plumber has resolved the problem. You don’t want to get sick from drinking contaminated water because sewage contains harmful bacteria.

Sewage sludge

Because of this, septic tank is a common sign that your sewer line needs repair. In fact, it’s the most obvious sign of a broken sewer or water pipe. Damaged outdoor drains can lead to septic tanks in your yard. This causes unpleasant smells and unpleasant sights and damages your landscape. Again, as with any of these issues, call a professional to correct the situation. You have the tools to fix your sewer pipe and save your garden.

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