Commonwealth Waste Solutions Offers Tips For Keeping Septic Tanks Working Optimally During the Winter Months

Commonwealth Waste Solutions, a septic tank system services company based in Chesterfield, VA, would like to share some tips on how Mechanicsville, VA residents can keep their septic tanks in optimal condition during the winter months. This is because in extremely cold weather, the septic tank can freeze and this can cause significant damage to the septic tank, which will be very costly to repair. In addition, the sewer pipes can burst and cause raw sewage to spill around the house or yard. Frozen pipes can also cause congestion in the plumbing system, where sewage can enter the home, which is not only inconvenient but can also pose a health risk to household members. For more information about Commonwealth and its services, visit the Facebook page at

One of the helpful tips is to have enough septic tank cleaner on hand as this can help keep the tank running smoothly during the winter months. The septic tank cleaner is a useful product to properly maintain a septic tank as it helps break down waste, increase water flow, reduce odors and ensure the septic tank is kept in good condition.

Another tip is to make sure the pipe connections leading to the septic tank are free of leaks and clogs. This is particularly important in the extremely cold season, because pipes can freeze and burst open. It’s wise to have them checked before the cold sets in and contact a professional plumber if there’s a problem with the pipes.

It is also advisable to ensure that the septic tank is not blocked by ice or snow as this can cause the septic tank to back up or overflow. Any accumulation of snow near the tank should be cleared with a shovel and checked for signs of the presence of leaks or blockages.

Family members should also refrain from flushing anything that isn’t biodegradable, such as coffee grounds, cooking oil, and other kitchen waste, down the drain. These items can cause clogs in the pipes or septic tank and the resulting damage can be very expensive to repair.

During the holiday season, homeowners are expected to host many visitors. That means more people are using the toilet and drain. It would be a good idea to advise everyone not to flush paper towels down the drain or toilet as they don’t break down easily and can cause clogs. Instead, eco-friendly paper towels or flushable wipes should be used.

And finally, homeowners are advised to regularly monitor the level of the septic tank and add more sewage if necessary. Sewage is a liquid that can be used to prevent the septic tank from overflowing.

Commonwealth Waste Solutions is a wastewater services company committed to providing the best services to its customers. They offer different types of services such as B. Pumping and cleaning of sewage treatment plants; inspection of sewage treatment plants; and commercial services for septic systems. Pumping and cleaning are vital when maintaining a septic tank. And for those buying an existing home, it’s a good idea to have the septic system carefully checked by a professional to make sure it’s working properly once the family moves in. Aside from residential septic tank services, they also provide commercial septic tank services, such as septic tank pumping and cleaning, grease trap cleaning, routine septic tank services, water jetting and septic tank inspections. Service areas include Charles City County; Chesterfield County; District of Hanover; and Henrico County.

Homeowners and other property owners interested in learning more about the septic tank services offered by Commonwealth Waste Solutions can visit their website or contact them by phone or email. They are open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Their location and other important information about the company can be found on the Google Maps page at


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