Confusion over new Dallas payment system causing frustration for residents – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Lately, more and more people are coming to Dallas City Hall to pay their water bills. For some this is an inconvenience.

“I have to come pay to pay my bills,” Damien Calico said of paying for downtown parking.

Calico had to make the change because the city changed the way people paid.

“They said I couldn’t pay it online anymore,” Calico said.

He's not the only one surprised by the city's new water payment system called DallasGo.

“We were here last week and I saw several residents complaining about problems with the new system,” said customer Zaida Benitez.

The change took place in March. But some people are only now realizing it.

Part of the confusion may be that customers missed an email to activate their DallasGo profile.

Additionally, customers who previously enrolled in automatic payments will need to re-enroll in autopay. There is no automatic rollover.

“So the conversion gave me a little bit of a headache,” Benitez said. “It took me a little over two hours. I know they received several calls.”

In a press release, Sarah Standifer, interim director of Dallas Water Utilities, said in part: “The new system is an attempt to continually improve the customer experience and make it easier to do business with the city.”

But some haven't found the easy part yet.

“It gave me a headache because I have a lot to do,” Benitez said. “It was necessary for me to move not just to one location, but to multiple locations. For me it was a headache.”

You can find more information about DallasGo here.

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