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CORAL SPRINGS, FLA. (WSVN) – A Coral Springs condominium building has been classified as unsafe and residents must be evacuated.

The city announced that tenants of Villa Bianca Condominium, a 16-unit condominium on 3990 Woodside Drive, will have to vacate the premises by August 5 after the special judge ruled the building unsafe.

7SkyForce HD hovered over the building on Thursday afternoon, showing broken clapboards and other signs of decay.

Hours later, 7News cameras recorded visible electrical lines and part of an awning on the back of the property. Neighbors said it had continued to decline in the past few weeks.

“I’m actually very angry and, above all, disappointed with the landlords,” said local resident Jacob Henning, “because it is their responsibility to keep the building in a livable space, and they didn’t do that.”

Henning rents an apartment in the apartment with his fiancée Phillex Anderson and their two children. He took 7News through his apartment on the first floor.

“This is the bathroom. As you can see, we have no upper limit,” he said. “This whole building is infested with rats.”

The cell phone video provided by Henning showed that a pipe was leaking into his unit, which he said happens when it rains.

“You can see mold in here,” he said, pointing to part of the ceiling.

The city said the apartment had not completed its 40-year construction inspection, which was required in 2016.

“At that time, non-compliance with the inspection requirements was brought before the special judge and the building was given a lien,” said a city spokesman. “In the absence of a technical report and the building’s further deterioration, the city’s chief construction officer deemed the building unsafe and brought the matter to the special judge during an emergency hearing.”

Because of multiple violations of the city’s building regulations and the structural condition of the building, an emergency hearing was called, the special judge considered the building to be unsafe.

Anderson said they learned they had to leave home just days after their child’s birthday.

“Yes, it’s a terrible day. How about that? ”She said.

While Henning and Anderson rent, James Haddad owns his unit.

“The condominium community is actually intact. The problem is that the one who has eight apartments does nothing, ”he said. “We tried to work it out.”

Haddad said he pointed out Henning’s landlord as part of the problem of preventing repairs.

“I feel awful. I’m going to lose everything I have. It’s just not fair,” he said.

City officials added that only 15 of the 16 units are occupied, with one unit uninhabitable since a fire in 2014.

The city added that staff and a charity are working with residents to provide temporary housing and help them through the application process for rental and utility finance. However, local residents who spoke to 7News said they would try to find their own accommodation.

Henning’s landlords and members of the condominium association’s board of directors did not immediately respond to 7News’ requests for comments.

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