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Satellite images RGB – November 28, 2023 – 4:30 UTC. PC: NOAA/NWS

The County of Maui is now taking preparedness measures as an approaching Kona low storm system brings the potential for damaging conditions.

The National Weather Service reports the system is expected to impact Kaua’i, Ni’ihau and O’ahu through Tuesday, with the threat of flash flooding and thunderstorms expanding to Maui County and the Big Island on Wednesday and Thursday.

The public is encouraged to stay informed and prepare for possible flood warnings or warnings.

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“District staff have been actively inspecting and clearing culverts in South Maui and inland where flooding is known to occur. “Flood protection equipment will be deployed as NWS releases information about locations in Maui County that may be impacted by the storm,” an updated news release said.

Employees on each county island are preparing their district, county public works officials said today.

Additionally, the state and county worked with local contractors to protect storm drains and waterway intakes in Lahaina. A pollutant filter system called Envirosoxx was installed at the end of August. The filtration system is designed to capture, reduce and filter pollutants from stormwater runoff to protect coastal waters along Lahaina’s shores, according to the county’s public works department.

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“The Maui County Emergency Operations Center remains operational and will be partially activated for this storm when NWS issues a flood warning,” the announcement said.

While no wind impacts are expected for this weather event, flash flooding and thunderstorms are forecast, according to the NWS.

The public is encouraged to stay informed through credible sources such as the National Weather Service, Hawai’i Emergency Management Agency and Maui Emergency Management Agency.

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The public is also urged to take the necessary steps to be prepared, including having an emergency kit with essential items.

Officials on Kauaʻi recommend the following measures to prepare for a weather emergency:

  • Emergency preparedness kits – Emergency kits should contain at least 14 days’ supply of food and water (including non-perishable food and one gallon of water per person per day). Kits should also include a battery-operated radio, flashlight, additional prescription medications, and other items specific to individual and family needs. It is also recommended that your kits also include face coverings and hand sanitizer. Have an emergency supply of all the medications you need and keep a copy of your prescriptions in case you run out after a disaster.
  • Check your property – Walk around your property looking for small outdoor objects that could be blown up in high winds and check for potential flooding. When time and conditions permit, clean your gutters and other drainage systems.
  • Create an action plan – Discuss with your family members what you will do if a hurricane or tropical storm threatens. Create an action plan, including details such as: B. whether your family is seeking shelter locally or is being evacuated to an emergency shelter. There are currently no plans to open emergency shelters. However, the county will work with the American Red Cross to open shelters if needed and will post a list of open shelters if they are available.
  • outdoor activities – Visitors and residents are urged to check conditions before going on hikes, river trips or beach trips. Do not cross swollen rivers or streams; Always check with a lifeguard at a lifeguard station before entering the ocean. Know it before you go.

For more information about emergency preparedness and to sign up for alerts from MEMA, visit

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