Creative Ways To Warm Up Your Pool Without A Heater

A liquid solar cover is another option homeowners can use to defend their pool temperature. These products come in bottles and are poured directly into the pool or side skimmer to draw the solution straight through the pump for wider application across the water. Liquid solar covering products are not as effective as a physical barrier and you may need to use multiple treatments to get the desired effect at certain times of the year. Therefore, liquid augmentation products can be a good backup solution or used as an adjunct to other strategies for maintaining a constant heat in the pool.

These liquid products use an alcohol solution to create a barrier between the air above the pool and the water in it (via Swim University). Alcohol and water have different densities, and alcohol will float on a mixed solution containing water. As such, an alcohol product can be used to create a natural barrier in much the same way physical solar covers or rings do. While a liquid cover isn’t as effective as a physical one, these products can reduce pool water evaporation by up to 85%, making them a viable option regardless of how it compares to other alternatives.

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