Custom Home Plumbing-How Royal Can Help

Building a custom home can be stressful. There are so many moving parts and both homeowners and builders have so many tasks on their bucket list that can make an already stressful situation even worse. And let’s be honest. Most homeowners want to address the fun aspects, such as designing an open floor plan. Because there are so many elements to a new build, hiring a plumbing contractor experienced and respected in the industry is essential.

Installing a new plumbing system in a new home is straightforward. A professional plumber can do the job from the basic work to installing pipes and water heaters to finishing a sink. Each process has specifications that must be completed in a timely manner for the entire build process to be successful.

At Royal Sanitary Facilities:

Our team focuses on the sustainability of your plumbing system so you can be confident your plumbing will last for many years while keeping efficiency and water usage in mind.

Custom home installation is a three-step process

Sink, drain with water and 1,2,3 listed on rail

An organized plan is essential when you want to start a plumbing job from scratch. New builds require the creation of a bespoke home plumbing plan. Everyone has to be on board. There should be an established plan from the homeowners to the contractor and each subcontractor. Organizing a three-step process for installing plumbing can alleviate problems that may arise in the future. The last thing anyone wants to worry about is plumbing after a new home is complete.

Stage 1 – The groundwork

At this stage, the plumber must communicate with the contractor. This phase lays the foundation for the plumbing framework and should be aligned with the earlier phases new building Project. This process literally takes place while the foundation of the house is being formed. Therefore, at this point, the water main is connected to all major pipes in and around the house.

Stage 2 – Main installation

The second stage is quite labor intensive. This is what you would call a rough and tough plumbing time. During this process, the bathtubs, showers, floor drains, and vent pipes are installed.

Stage 3 – The final touch

The last phase is referred to by some as the cosmetic phase. Ideally, the final work should take place shortly before the new building is completed. As a rule, the completion of the plumbing work takes place at the same time as the final touches of the construction project. Toilets, taps and water heaters will be installed here. These last tasks complete the individual house installation process. Contact us today to learn more.

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