Drip, Drip, Drip: Water is Damaging Your House

Water is life and all that, but boy can it wreak havoc on your home if it gets where it shouldn’t be.

Whether it’s flowing through your pipes to drink, bathe, do laundry, or come down from the sky on a rainy day, water has a way of going where you don’t want it to go. And when you’re buying a home, your home inspector will find all the little drips and leaks that can cause damage.

Here are some examples:

Follow the damage

This video is a perfect example of an inspector getting to the bottom of the problem by connecting the dots. The roof construction causes water to pool every time it rains, causing water damage to everything underneath – which will continue until someone fixes the roof.

Damage to drain pipe

That’s a big rusty hole. As we (hopefully) get into the rainy season, it’s important to make sure your drains and gutters are in good working order. Clean them of leaves and dirt and check that they are securely attached to your house. Guttering and drain grommets that come loose during a storm can cause major structural damage and flooding.

Leaky cleaning

This is a pipe cleaning. You can usually find these outside of your kitchen on the wall of your sink, and it’s an easy way to access the pipes if you have a clogged sink. This one leaks, which means that every time you use the kitchen sink or dishwasher, the water runs right here. Over time, this could lead to foundation damage.

Leaking AC + switchboard

Having your control panel on the floor seems like a bad idea anyway, but being right next to your air conditioner’s water pan really just calls for trouble.

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