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Flyability and WinCan collaborate on wastewater inspection solution

by DRONELIFE contributor Ian M. Crosby

Indoor drone provider Flyability has partnered with sewer inspection software provider WinCan to make sewer inspections safer, faster and more cost-effective.

Wastewater inspection experts are increasingly using Flyability's Elios 2 drone to collect visual data in sewer pipes. This new partnership now allows inspectors to import their collected data directly into WinCan's sewer inspection software, where they can then process, analyze and produce detailed, standards-compliant reports.

Use of aerial drones for wastewater inspection

“This partnership with WinCan offers wastewater inspection professionals more than just a data collection tool, but a comprehensive solution to audit, analyze, store and share their data in a standards-compliant manner,” says Patrick Thévoz, co-founder and co-founder of Flyability CEO. “The added value is huge in terms of cost and time savings, as well as safety, as inspectors can capture visual data remotely rather than on site.”

Drones for wastewaterDrones for wastewaterWinCan's software can be used for any sewer pipe inspection, whether on residential, commercial or private property. As the first company to ever develop software for sewer pipe inspection, WinCan released the first version of its software in 1990. Today the software is version 12 and is used worldwide. It supports over 50 wastewater inspection observation standards in more than 50 languages.

WinCan's software allows inspectors to collect visual data about Flyability's indoor drones, import POI (Points of Interest) photos and their stationing, obtain automatic calculations of observation distances and pose lengths according to the drone's flight path and its data upload to the cloud to collaborate with colleagues and customers.

Drones for wastewaterDrones for wastewater“Sewer maintenance starts with understanding sewer conditions, and Flyability’s indoor drones are a powerful tool for collecting data within sewer systems,” says Roger Roesselet, WinCan IT Sales Manager. “This new integration between Flyability’s drones and our software allows wastewater inspection professionals to fully realize the power of the data they collect.”

This comprehensive, end-to-end solution makes wastewater inspections safer by eliminating the need for inspectors to enter tight spaces. more cost-effective as visual data is captured twice as quickly as manual methods; and more effective by providing detailed analytics, cloud-based collaboration and standards-compliant reporting.

Read more about Flyability and drones designed to navigate inaccessible spaces:

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