‘Easy’ way to unblock sink drains – ‘blast years worth of gunk in seconds’

Trapped food and other debris solidifies in sink pipes and causes a clog. This causes the water to drain slowly or stop draining altogether. If Brits have noticed a foul smell coming from the sink, it’s probably because the dirt has started to breed bacteria and mold. While unclogging the sink is usually pretty easy, there’s a case where your best DIY plumbing skills just won’t cut it.

Professional plumbers identify the root cause of a constantly clogged sink and what it takes to unclog it.

Jake Romano, the manager of John the Plumber, even goes so far as to say, “If a kitchen sink is always clogged, I’d bet money you have quite a bit of grease and dirt down the drains.”

Gene Fitzgerald, a certified plumber and head of content at Best Osmosis Systems, warned that “unfortunately, even the best clog hacks rarely ever deal with oil and grease clogs.”

So how do homeowners get rid of greasy buildup in drains?

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Those who have a situation where their sink is clogged due to grease build-up, it’s time to call in a professional.

Jake reassured homeowners on the easiest way to deal with clogged drains.

He said: “Many plumbers and pipe cleaning services offer hydro jetting.

“Hydrojets are powerful pressure washers with a long, flexible hose that can be pushed down your drain system.

“It’s engineered to move around bends in your pipes and blast away years of dirt in seconds.”

Jake said, “If it’s not a grease clog that’s causing your problems, it could be improper grades, pipe connections, pipe types, venting or sewage issues.

“Sometimes it’s best to hire a professional with a drain camera designed for smaller pipes and have them examine it.

“It is important to note that not all companies that offer pipe inspection cameras are equipped with cameras that can navigate pipes.

“In fact, not many companies offer this camera because it can be easily damaged.

“So I recommend asking the company first if they can inspect your system with the equipment they offer.”

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