Eco-Design Revolutionizes Septic Systems in 2024

WILLIAMSPORT, PA, March 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Premier Tech Water and Environment is proud to launch a new wastewater system that helps homeowners protect their property through a sustainable, innovative approach to wastewater treatment. As an NSF-certified wastewater treatment system, the Ecoflo linear biofilter allows households not connected to the sewer system to treat their wastewater and make it safe for the receiving environment.

The Ecoflo Linear Biofilter is an NSF-certified purification system.  (CNW Group/Premier Tech Ltd.)

The Ecoflo Linear Biofilter is an NSF-certified purification system. (CNW Group/Premier Tech Ltd.)

Unlike other wastewater treatment plants that fall into the combined treatment and distribution category, the Ecoflo linear biofilter is based on eco-design to create a system that is easy to ship and easy to install and uses locally available sand, reducing its environmental impact and total costs.

“NSF certification of the Ecoflo linear biofilter allows the system to be deployed in states across the country. This represents an expansion of Premier Tech Water and Environment’s offering in the American markets and strengthens Ecoflo’s position as a brand leader in sustainability.” Luc LangloisPresident of Premier Tech Water and Environment

The Ecoflo linear biofilter offers reliable treatment performance, flexible design and terrain adaptability.

An environmentally friendly sewage system

Ecodesign is about using sustainability to design products that create value for their target audience. The Ecoflo linear biofilter is the first purification system in its category to use eco-design to maximize its individual components in a sustainable way.

The eco-design of the Ecoflo linear biofilter begins with its coconut filter mattress. As a filter material, coconut offers the ideal balance between durability, porosity and absorption and is therefore perfect for wastewater treatment. It is also renewable, compostable and 100% natural.

Due to the effectiveness of the coir mattress, the Ecoflo linear biofilter can use smaller amounts of easily sourced sand for final treatment. Similar wastewater treatment plants rely on scarce sand and use synthetic, non-renewable materials to filter wastewater.

The system's eco-design also applies to its protective chambers. They are made from 90% recycled plastic and are lightweight and stackable. This makes them easy to transport and reduces the amount of trucking required to get them to their destination.

Once on site, the chambers' integrated manifolds minimize the amount of piping required for the job. This means the Ecoflo linear biofilter can be installed quickly, is easy to repair and reduces transport time to the construction site.

The chambers of the Ecoflo linear biofilter are completely reusable. Together with the renewable coconut mattress, this creates a sewage system that is installed for life.

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