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Alfonso Jimenez wants EcoRooter Plumbing to stand out.

In addition to “traditional” plumbing services, the Yucaipa-based plumbing company performs “energy-efficient” installations and retrofits, including tankless and solar water heaters, water-saving showerheads and faucets, chemical-free drain cleaning, and wastewater and gray water recycling systems.

“What sets us apart is that we offer consumers the best technology to save money, gas and water with all of these products available,” said Jimenez, plumbing manager.

He cleans drains using hydrojetting – high water pressure – relocates gas, water and wastewater systems, carries out inspections via video camera, offers trenchless sewer and pipe replacement and carries out solar thermal renovations.

“We do all types of green plumbing,” said Jimenez, who has 15 years of plumbing experience.

EcoRooter, which was founded in Boulder, Colorado, in 2004, moved to Southern California last year. EcoRooter covers San Bernardino and Riverside counties as well as southern Orange County, Jimenez said.

Ryan Molnar of Yucaipa hired Jimenez to repipe his shower faucets and install a drain in his new bathtubs. Jimenez has done other work for Molnar, who owns a pool and spa business in Yucaipa.

“I would refer him to any of my clients,” Molnar said. “He did everything I ever asked him to do. He’s a little new to the community, so we’re trying to get his name out there.”

Jimenez said he also wants to educate customers about incentives and discounts. The state and federal government offer both for “green” systems such as thermal and gray water, he said.

One customer told him he recently saved 42 percent on his monthly energy bill after Jimenez installed a thermal water system.

“That tells you there is a percentage for the return on the investment, plus the rebates you get,” said Jimenez, who added that he helps people fill out rebate forms.

He said he wanted to help people become aware of simple things like small toilet valves and shower heads.

He also installs gas earthquake safety valves that are installed in the main gas lines and automatically shut them off in the event of an earthquake.

He said he enjoys his job because he is constantly learning how products work and how they benefit customers.

“I try to bring the best environmentally friendly plumbing products to the market,” he said.

Once he knows the scope, he posts discounts and coupons on his website and charges them by the job rather than by the hour.

“Plumbing is very unpredictable, but once I know I'm giving a set price, I stick with it,” he said.

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