EcoSmart’s 3.5kW electric tankless under-sink water heater falls to $161 (Reg. $200)

Amazon offers the EcoSmart 3.5 kW electric instantaneous water heater for $161.21 shipped. This device, which normally costs $200, has seen numerous discounts in the last year alone, with most of them dropping in small increments and only a handful dropping in bulk all at once. Although this particular model was already selling for $105, it's been almost five years since the cost dropped that low. Today's deal includes a $39 discount from the current price, making it the third-lowest price in the last two years – ultimately $56 above the 2019 all-time low.

This 3.5kW under-sink tankless water heater is designed to provide continuous hot water to a single point of use. Its 6″ x 11″ x 3″ size makes it easy to fit into tight under-counter spaces, and its low 0.5 GPM activation flow rate is even perfect for low-flow commercial faucets. Please note that this model may not be suitable for lower inlet temperatures if you live in the colder climates of North America. A 30A circuit breaker, 10 AWG wire gauge, and 1/2″ NPT connector are required.

And if you're looking for something much larger that can handle many more locations, check out the current offering for the Eemax 240V 27kW tankless water heater. This 240V unit continuously delivers hot water to multiple sources at a flow rate of 2.7 GPM to 6.6 GPM, depending on your area's inlet water temperature. You can also visit our Green Deals hub to get the best discounts on more electric water heaters, power tools, electric vehicles, power stations and more.

Features of the EcoSmart 3.5 kW electric instantaneous water heater:

  • Can provide hot water for a sink at 0.5 GPM in warmer climates
  • Requires 1 x 30 Amp circuit breaker and 10 AWG wire
  • For a 0.5 GPM sink in colder climates, POU 6 is recommended
  • Current consumption 29 amps. kW – 3.5 kW
  • Connection fittings 1/2″ NPT
  • The maximum temperature rise at 0.5 GMP is 47.8°F. The maximum temperature rise at 1 GPM is 23.9°F. The maximum temperature rise at 1.5 GPM is 15.9°F

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