Expert’s warning about flushing the toilet and how it could cost you thousands

Households could face plumbing bills of up to £3,000 due to habits that unknowingly put our plumbing systems at risk. Bathroom specialist Plumbworld has highlighted the hidden dangers in our everyday bathroom routine, particularly what we shouldn't flush down our toilets.

1. Wet wipes

Although they are often sold as flushable wipes, wet wipes, including baby wipes, are a leading cause of sewer blockages. They can get stuck in our pipes, causing blockages and damaging the environment. Only wipes with the “Fine to Flush” mark meet strict decomposition standards. Others, particularly those with antibacterial agents, introduce unwanted chemicals into our ecosystems. Choosing other options or using them responsibly can prevent these problems.

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2. Bleach

Bleach is commonly used to clean toilets, but its strong chemicals can harm the aquatic ecosystem and water quality. The high use of bleach in the UK highlights the need for safer alternatives. Natural cleaning solutions, such as a mixture of baking soda and vinegar, offer effective and environmentally friendly alternatives, keeping your toilet sparkling without harming the health of the planet.

3. Fish:

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