Fairbury City Council approves resurfacing project, health plan

FAIRBURY – A quote from All Weather Courts to renovate the North Park basketball court was approved by members of Fairbury City Council at its Wednesday night meeting.

The council initially approved an offer last spring, but the previous company never got on the project.

“Joe Costa reached out to this company,” said City Superintendent Brett Ashburn. “They did some (work) in the area.”

This council-approved option includes additional crack fillings on the plaza and the authorized group up to $ 15,000. The Prairielands Foundation is renovating the cucumber ball and tennis courts in the park.

“If we do it, we might as well get it right,” said Ashburn.

Also at Wednesday’s meeting, the council renewed city health insurance for 2022, which will increase 2.3 percent but is the same plan as last year.

“They gave us a premium flat loan and everything stays the same,” explains Mayor David Slagel.

On the subject of health insurance, the council discussed options for paying out residual health insurance funds that were kept in a separate account and used to pay into the employee health savings account. Mayor Slagel said this money was coming from the General Fund to keep premiums lower. Alderman Charles Hoselton said he believed the money should belong to the staff and go to them.

Town treasurer Dale Diller reported the account is nearly $ 21,000. If the funds have been paid out to employees, that’s around $ 800 per person. The council members presented the resolution.

Murals were recently damaged during the construction of a parking lot in downtown Fairbury.

Ashburn informed the council of the car park project behind the Old Town Hall which has been completed and the mailbox is back near the post office. That’s the good news. The bad news is that a truck and trailer recently damaged mural paintings nearby, he said.

“We found out who did it,” said road inspector Martin Steidinger. “I’ll get the offer.”

Steidinger plans to pull the posts and take the murals to winter storage in the town shed, as local volunteer Dale Maley plans to reassemble them next spring.

Police Chief Robert McCormick reported that the seizure of the sewer system is in progress. He said the new patrol cars are awaiting equipment installations, including camera systems. McCormick has a new full-time employee who is certified and is looking for a part-time employee who was a former deputy.

City councils passed an ordinance adding land in the 800 block of West Walnut Street to the city for car recovery. Ashburn said the city has revised the code of industry to accommodate something like this.

Steidinger spoke of the sudden loss of a long-term employee who had been with the city for 36½ years. This was a full time position that someone needs to fill. Water Superintendent Mike Mellott said that following a recent inspection, the condition of the water tower looks good and does not require cleaning.

Fairbury City Council:

• Approved a motion from the Fairbury Area Chamber of Commerce to close Locust Street between Second and Fourth Streets on Saturday, December 4th, from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm for the annual Christmas parade.

• Adoption of an ordinance on the collection and assessment of taxes for the financial year ending April 30, 2022.

• Authorized a resolution to abolish fire bonds.

• Appointment of Sam Pica to the Zoning Appeal Chamber for a five-year term.

• Approved the approval agenda, which included minutes of the November 3rd meeting, treasurer’s report, check register and overtime report.

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