Financial Assistance Available to Lewiston Residents Interested in Septic Conversion | Idaho

LEWISTON – If you live in Lewiston and have a sewage treatment plant, you can qualify for a special grant if you choose to connect to the sewer system. However, this opportunity is not available for long and is opened on a first come, first served basis.

Prospects need to act quickly. All work must be completed by April 2022.

“We know a lot of residents are interested in a sewer transition, so it is important for us to find a way to help them do it,” said Joe Kaufman, Lewiston City Rainwater and Wastewater Engineering Project Supervisor.

The City of Lewiston has received a grant from the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality to allow homeowners interested in connecting to a sewer and decommissioning their sewage system to receive financial assistance with this process.

The offer includes up to US $ 6,000 or 60% reimbursement of the cost of extending the service line on private property to connecting it to the home plumbing and decommissioning the wastewater treatment plant.

What are the costs of connecting to the sewer system?

Let’s break it down:

1. Equity buy-in fees (depending on the district in which you live, these fees are based on a single-family house; other structure types require a different fee specification):

Sewage charges in Lewiston

2. Outdoor installation permit: $ 70.44.

3. Costs for line extension and tank shutdown on private property. These costs depend on the distance of the tank from the road and obstacles in the way (e.g. fences, other utilities, buildings).

4. Possibly required main route extensions and asphalt / concrete repairs of the road. We can help you find out if there is a need to extend the line in the street. We encourage you to discuss with neighbors and, if necessary, contact a contractor as a group if this is the case.

Where are the sewer pipes?

Check out these maps showing sewers within the city of Lewiston, including the Lewiston Orchards Sewer District and Central Orchards Sewer District, as well as identified suspected septic systems in the city and Nez Perce Counties. Please note that the septic records are not always up-to-date as they are kept by a different authority.

Would you like to apply? Do you have any further questions?

To apply or for more information on this opportunity, please contact the Lewiston City Public Works Department at 208-746-1316 or email [email protected] or visit the office, 215 D Street, Suite B, Lewiston, Idaho 83501.

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