Flack Broadcasting – Lewis County announces round four opening of New York State Septic Replacement Fund Program

The New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation (EFC) has opened the fourth round of the State Septic System Replacement Fund Program, which provides funds to replace substandard septic systems on or near waterfront properties.

These include systems designed to discharge directly into the water body.

If you are unsure if your system is discharging directly into the water, a free dye test can be performed. New systems are not eligible for funding.

Lewis County participates in this program and eligible properties include those located within 250 feet of priority waters listed on the following Priority Waterbody List (PWL):

▪ East Br Fish Creek, Upper, minor trunks (0703-0067)
▪ Florence Creek, Upper and Tribs (0703-0070)
▪ Brantingham Lake (0801-0176)
▪ Beaver River, Lower and Tribs (0801-0197)
▪ Crystal Creek and smaller tribes (0801-0240)
▪ Deer River, Middle and Tribs (0801-0263)
▪ Sandy Creek, Upper and Tribs (0801-0283)
▪ Chase Lake (0801-0321)
▪ Atwater Creek, Upper and Tribs (0801-0330)
▪ Tannery Creek, Upper and Tribs (0801-0338)
▪ Tribs to Brantingham Lake (0801-0340)
▪ Mill Creek Trib (0801-0343)
▪ Upper Beauty, Upper Deer Creeks (0801-0347)
▪ Cold Brook Tribs, Upper and Tribs (0801-0405)
▪ Sugar River Trib, Upper (0801-0413)
▪ Indian River, Middle and Substems (0906-0032)
▪ Indian River, Upper and Tribes (0906-0033)
▪ Mohawk River, Upper and Trunks (1201-0217)
▪ East Branch Mohawk River and trunks (1201-0222)

This PWL has been expanded from just the Beaver River, Lower and Tribs (0703-0197) to a list of 19 waters.

Septic Replacement Financing provides reimbursement of 50% of the cost, up to $10,000, for the design and installation of a new septic system.

The funding is available until it is exhausted. Applications and further details are available online.

For more information, call 315-376-5423.

Picture of Lewis County.

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