Food Safety – Some Kitchen Tips

When you cook poultry, especially for a crowd, you need to pay extra attention to cleaning when entering your kitchen. University of Missouri Extension Health Specialist Sue Robison says be wary of cross-contamination. When working on the turkey, make sure the cutting board, knives, countertop, utensils, and even the sink are cleaned before moving on to the next task. She says remember the four-step process.

Cook your food to the right temperature to kill harmful bacteria and finally refrigerate any leftovers to stop bacterial growth.

Rinse the dishcloth well and change it regularly to ensure there are no hazards. For the sponge, some recommend that you rinse it several times in clean water and then, while it’s damp, microwave it on the highest setting for a full minute and that will kill all those bad organisms. Of course, make sure your microwave is clean.

Robison says another good practice is to use a sanitizing solution to clean regularly. Commercial disinfectant solutions with at least 70% alcohol are recommended. You can also use a solution of one tablespoon of bleach and one gallon of clean tap water. Put that in a spray bottle or in a clean bucket to disinfect between meals.

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