Forum calls for cleaning up and restructuring of Vizag storm drains

A view of Visakhapatnam beach. (Image source: Facebook)

Visakhapatnam: Members of the Greater Visakhapatnam Citizens Forum have demanded urgent GVMC measures to rehabilitate the natural stormwater drains in Visakhapatnam.

Members discussed the challenges, problems and possible solutions related to natural water flows here on Sunday. They were looking for a sustainable redesign and management strategy for the drainage system.

Noted architect Shabnam Patel and others said Visakhapatnam’s unique topography diverted most of the natural stormwater runoff into the sea. While these drains had contributed to the beauty of the city and prevented flooding, urbanization and population growth turned these drains into channels for the flow of sewage.

The city’s solid waste, especially plastic, is dumped into these drains, polluting coastal waters and endangering marine life, they noted.

“The polluted coastal waters posed a threat to marine life and entered the human food chain. After storm surges, the sea throws plastic and trash back onto beaches, requiring costly cleanup efforts. There is an urgent need to reduce the amount of trash entering the ocean drains and subsequently the sea.”

“Despite being a coastal city, the authorities have not undertaken major improvements in the drainage system,” they said.

To address the challenges of climate change and strengthen the city’s resilience, the forum called for priority investments and a redesign of the drainage system in line with the increase in major infrastructure investments here.

The chief physician of the GVMC, Dr. Naresh Kumar, was impressed by the suggestions of the forum members and said he will suggest installation of bioremediation devices. “All drains will be cleaned and sludge removed to prevent the city’s garbage from entering the sea,” he explained.

Forum President Lt. Col. (retd) AK Subbarao, Vice President Sohan Hatangadi, Secretary Capt N Viswanathan and others spoke.

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