Frozen pipes disrupt water systems


WAYNE COUNTY, PA — Wintry weather during the holiday season, combined with cold near-zero temperatures, caused water pipes to freeze and rupture in some unoccupied homes. This affected the communities of Fawn Lake Forest, Mashope and Woodloch Springs as well as the Woodloch Pines Resort. According to a spokesman for Aqua Pennsylvania, her team noticed that the water level had dropped significantly earlier in the week.

Aqua Pennsylvania is the public utility that serves these communities.

In search of the cause of the problem, the company transported water to the affected communities over several days. Additionally, the company immediately notified the Pike County 911 Communications Center, which contacted local fire departments on December 27, 2022, according to the spokesman.

In these situations, according to the spokesman, the fire brigade can adapt their extinguishing behavior thanks to advance notice and coordination.

On December 30, 2022, Aqua sent a water conservation notice to customers and reached out directly to homeowners’ association managers in each affected community. The information was communicated to customers via Aqua’s SmartWater alarm via phone, SMS and email. Warnings were also posted on the website and Facebook.

The leaks were repaired and the water protection order was lifted on January 4th.

“We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding while our team has been working diligently to resolve this situation. We encourage our customers to sign up for Aqua’s WaterSmart alerts for fast, reliable notifications of water quality and service disruptions. Our WaterSmart alerts are delivered by phone, SMS or email,” the company said.

To sign up for WaterSmart alerts, visit

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