Georgia Woman Says Sewage-Filled Pipes Forced Her and Son From Their Home. Plumbers Claim the Septic Tank To Repair It Can’t Be Found

A Georgia woman said she had to move out of her home after plumbers said they couldn’t find the septic tank that was causing a sewage backup.

“I’ve been in this position since Thursday night because that’s when I found her,” Sterling Covington told WSB-TV. “I can’t bathe, flush the toilet, wash my hands.”

Corvington and her family lived in a rental property in DeKalb County. Her son helped her try to soak up the wastewater with cat litter.

“My son and I were cleaning it up and a few minutes later I heard a rush of water,” she said.

She added that the smell was “terrible.”

Corvington said the property owner hired plumbers, but they said they couldn’t find the septic tank and they didn’t have the necessary tools to pump the pit.

“They continue to send out regular plumbers, they may be able to install a septic tank, but they don’t maintain it or clean it,” she said.

The property manager told WSB-TV that he was aware of the problem. He said the backup was related to heavy rain in the area.

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