Goa Tiny House Is the Epitome of Relaxation, Has an Indoor and Outdoor Bathtub

Goa was designed and built by Simplify Further Tiny Homes. This family business focuses on creating little pieces of heaven for the people. The company was founded by Krsna Balynas and her husband Govinda Carol. It all started with their own tiny house in Alachua, which they built in 2020 to “simplify their lives”. They lived in it for six months and then listed it as an Airbnb.

The house was so popular and popular with guests that it was booked out for almost a month within two weeks. Since then, the couple has expanded their portfolio. Now they rent out several Tinies in Alachua and help other homeowners who also want to simplify their lives.

Goa is one of their tiny houses that allows people to get a taste of the scaled down luxury. The name of this house was inspired by the city of Goa, a tropical paradise on the west coast of India.

This apartment sits on a three-axle trailer. It measures 24 feet (7.3 meters) in length and is 8 feet wide (2.4 meters). While that doesn’t sound like much, this home on wheels has a cozy interior full of space-saving solutions.

But before we describe what Goa has to offer, let’s first take a look at the external features. There is a bank right in front of the house. Here people can relax, enjoy nature and socialize. But maybe the yellow bathtub in front of the bench stands out the most. Since Goa has a private outdoor space, people can bathe under the stars and enjoy some privacy.

Of course, the outdoor bathtub isn’t the only element this house includes. As soon as you enter, you are greeted by a cozy space. In addition, many wooden elements give this house a log cabin atmosphere. Under the entrance step you will see some cubbyholes. You can store your shoes or other items there. It’s a smart design feature that doesn’t take up required space.

In front of the entrance there is a couch that is flooded with natural light. To the right is a spa-like bathroom that’s surprisingly spacious. A cool element that you will see is the jacuzzi bath surrounded by fully tiled walls that allow people to relax and unwind. Elsewhere, the bathroom contains a sink, toilet, and some storage space.

Above the bathroom is one of the two galleries, which can be reached via a fixed ladder. This loft is slightly smaller and can accommodate a double bed. The other is at the opposite end of the house and sleeps a queen size mattress. It can be reached via a wooden staircase with built in storage.

The staircase has numerous storage compartments and even a large closet area that houses the fridge. Speaking of which, under the second attic you will find the kitchen. This area is equipped with all necessary equipment. It has a five burner propane stovetop with an oven and a double stainless steel sink. In addition, it contains several cabinets and drawers that provide ample storage space. The kitchen features generous bitcher block worktops and a breakfast bar with storage underneath and space for two bar stools.

Goa was designed and built as a tiny rental property via a co-host partnership scheme, with reservations made through online platforms. For the time being, however, the process is on hold due to the high demand for both the construction and rental of these tiny ones. But Simplify Further Tiny Homes still encourages customers to apply for both areas.

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