Got a home repair project? This HD endoscope camera can give you a closer look

As much as you hate it, sometimes we have to look in places we never want to go, like the kitchen sink drain, the dusty attic, or the cobweb-laden area under the house. Their screams may bring music to their ears! But as much as we don’t want to see what’s in those dark, narrow spaces, it’s often necessary to find sources of various problems like clogs, infestations, and more.

Whether you work in the inspection industry or are just a handy problem solver around the house, having a wireless HD borescope camera like this on hand can be a huge lifesaver. Not only is it flexible and easy to use, but it’s also designed to work with your Android and iPhone, or on Windows-based PCs and Macs, proving its incredible compatibility.

Whether you are used to such devices or new to them, there is nothing complicated in handling this wireless endoscope camera. Its super flexible, soft 16.5 foot cord can crawl in and around tight spaces including under furniture, pipe systems, drains and more. And at the top of the device is an HD camera with eight adjustable LED lights to help you get the clearest view.

Just download the “WIFI Look” app that came with the device and install it on your device via the QR code provided in the manual and you are good to go. The live video is displayed on your screen in real time, so you can start working immediately. From its simple, no-nonsense construction to its highly compatible design, it’s no surprise that the wireless HD endoscope camera has garnered tons of praise online, including 4.5 stars out of 5 from verified customers.

See it all with the Wireless HD Borescope Camera for just $39.99 – that’s almost 70% off the regular price.

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