Governor DeWine Awards $93 Million in Ohio BUILDS Water Infrastructure Grants

Grants will reduce or eliminate the local financial burden associated with critical infrastructure needs.

(COLUMBUS, Ohio) – Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted today announced the first round of water infrastructure grants, awarded under a new, statewide initiative to provide a stronger foundation for improved quality of life To create Ohio’s families and sustained economic growth for Ohio’s communities.

The new Ohio BUILDS initiative will invest a total of US $ 250 million in funding in water infrastructure projects. The first round of water infrastructure grants announced today awards $ 93 million to 54 projects that affect communities in 60 Ohio counties. The remainder of the water infrastructure grants will be awarded in the coming weeks and will ultimately impact the communities in each Ohio county.

The funds granted today will help reduce or eliminate the local financial burden associated with critical infrastructure needs such as building new water systems, replacing old water pipes, and installing new water pipes. Grants will also fund projects to prevent sewer backlogs and replace failing household wastewater treatment systems with new sewers.

“These grants are about building our future, our people and our communities,” said Governor DeWine. “We want our children and grandchildren to stay in Ohio, and clean water is essential to the health and future of our state. Protecting and ensuring that every community in Ohio has access to safe and clean water has been our mission from the start. With these grants, we continue our mission to provide access to economic development tools that will help communities grow in the future and thrive. “

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“Since the beginning of our tenure, Governor DeWine and I have prioritized water quality and protecting our natural resources in Ohio, but water quality is not just about the environment and our health, it’s about our economic future,” said Lt. Governor Jon Husted. “If we invest this one-time money that we have in the infrastructure, our quality of life will be improved today and protected for future generations.”

The new Ohio BUILDS water infrastructure grants are a sequel to that of Governor DeWine H2Ohio Initiative launched in 2019 to focus on ensuring abundant, clean, and safe water for communities across the state. In addition to investing in strategies to reduce algal blooms on Lake Erie and other state-wide bodies of water, H2Ohio has made $ 15 million in grants for water infrastructure projects.

Ohio BUILDS (Broadband, Utilities, and Infrastructure for Local Development Success) will not only focus on empowering Ohio’s communities by modernizing water infrastructure, but will also make other necessary investments in targeted solutions that impact quality of life, such as the Broadband expansion and the rehabilitation of fallow land, the demolition of dilapidated buildings and more.

Ohio BUILDS water infrastructure grants announced today were funded by the Ohio General Assembly under House Act 168, sponsored by State Representatives Mark Fraizer (R-Newark) and Mike Loychik (R-Bazetta) Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). Ohio BUILDS grant programs for broadband expansion, demolition of derelict buildings and redevelopment of fallow land are funded from Ohio’s current operating budget.

Further announcements will be made in the coming months regarding Ohio BUILDS projects that are strategically investing to change lives and empower Ohio’s future.

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