Grease Trap Installers North Texas Plumbing Is Offering Concrete And Polyethylene Grease Interceptors

North Texas Plumbing is a commercial plumbing contractor specializing in the installation, maintenance and repair of grease traps. The Company offers its services in Dallas, Fort Worth and throughout the North Texas area.

Grease traps or grease traps are used in homes and commercial establishments to capture grease and solids before they enter the external plumbing connected to the city’s drainage system. They are of great use in the hospitality industry, as restaurant waste is filled with oils and greases that can clog pipes and result in expensive recurring plumbing costs. The term used in the plumbing industry to describe the potentially harmful sludge that not only clogs pipes but can also harm the environment if it enters bodies of water is FOG (greases, oils and greases). A grease trap is the most cost effective solution for trapping FOG.

A spokesman for North Texas Plumbing says of grease trap installation and repair, “FOG is one of the leading causes of plumbing problems in the hospitality industry. If you own or service a restaurant, bar, cafe, coffee shop or dining room, you no doubt know how high annual plumbing maintenance costs can get. Aside from the cost of regular maintenance, there may be times when a poorly maintained kitchen has to be shut down due to a plumbing emergency. In addition to the money you spend fixing your plumbing problems, you also have to deal with income lost during downtime. Luckily, a grease trap is very good at catching FOG. It is also an economical solution as you can choose from several options depending on the material and properties. Here at North Texas Plumbing, we use our years of experience to recommend plumbing solutions that are tailored to your property, based on the size and scope of your operation. The grease traps we select are made by some of the most reputable manufacturers in the country. We are confident they will save you money and last a lifetime. Call us today so we can help you address your FOG concerns and make your commercial property fit your city code.”

The North Texas grease trap plumber offers its Texas customers two types of grease traps – polyethylene and concrete. It features high-performance, robust polyethylene tanks from Schier, a Shawnee, KS-based company that specializes in grease traps. Schier says it manufactures its tanks entirely in the United States. It also offers a lifetime guarantee on its products. One of Schier’s most popular products is the 100/200 GPM Great Basin™ Indoor/Outdoor Heavy Duty Grease Separator, which offers the best certified grease capacity in its class, has a 25% waste capacity for kitchen solids, and requires no flow control Industry certified to ASME Type D standards, has a Safety Star® access restriction that prevents accidental entry, fits through 36″ doorways, has H-20 cast iron covers for exterior installations, has composite covers for traffic exposure Interior installations, uses the FCR2 field cut riser system for underground installations and the CA2 adapter for underground installations with 24″ corrugated tubing risers.

The North Texas grease trap plumber also offers concrete grease traps from PRECON Environmental Products, LLC, an industry leader in prefabricated environmental products. The company is based in Azle, Texas and has over 25 years of experience manufacturing grease traps. The company’s products are often designed to meet specific technical requirements and have specific features and configurations. The company states that handling and installation procedures may vary slightly depending on the actual type of construction. PRECON Environmental Products, LLC also assures customers on its website that it will make changes necessary to comply with local codes, jurisdictions and interpretations if notified prior to actual manufacture or when an order is placed.

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