GROHE Introduces GROHE Composite Kitchen Sinks

GROHE introduces GROHE Composite Sinks, a unique product that meets all the criteria of an efficient kitchen sink and more, covering the wide spectrum of modernity, ease of use, innovation, versatility and much more.

GROHE’s composite sinks have been designed to suit any type of kitchen décor, with a range of innovative designs that not only perfectly fit your space but also complement it. From large double sinks to compact models with integrated drainers, GROHE composite sinks are backed by a 5-year guarantee and meet every user’s needs and more.

GROHE redefines the kitchen experience and exceeds all expectations with the unrivaled combination of modern design and unparalleled quality that elevates the kitchen experience to an unprecedented level. The composite sinks are available in round and square versions and in two different colors: granite black and granite gray. With a blend of 76 percent quartz and acrylic resin, GROHE composite sinks are the most robust on the market. This hardened composite material is resistant to scratches, dents, stains, cracks and heat up to 180°C. GROHE composite sinks are manufactured to perfection using the latest computer-assisted polymerization casting technology, ensuring a flawlessly smooth and seamless surface and a completely uniform color scheme.

Most GROHE composite sinks feature built-in, pre-cut tap holes, meaning no additional tools are required and the sinks can be installed as either a left- or right-handed option. Thanks to innovative manufacturing techniques, the sinks have a generous minimum depth of 20 cm, providing plenty of space for easily washing large pots. These sinks are also equipped with a drain fitting and a practical strainer cap that prevents solids and food particles from flowing away with the wastewater. The steel lid, available on some models, adds elegance to the bowl and hides any debris collected in the basket below. A feature of all GROHE composite sinks is good drainage. Even the square washbasins with flat bases ensure good drainage thanks to the elegant diamond-shaped folds, which allow the water to drain away more easily. If the taps are accidentally left open, the overflow technology prevents spills. Each sink also includes an under-counter siphon, adding to the scope of hassle-free delivery and installation.

All sinks have been designed to effortlessly combine with GROHE kitchen taps and water systems in both design and practicality, with pleasant proportions and no splashes. Innovative features like GROHE’s automatic waste system eliminate the need to reach into dirty water and provide a convenient solution to keep your hands clean and spotless. With a GROHE composite sink, cleaning becomes easier, emptying the bowl can be done remotely and even the noise of running water is minimized.

Bobby Joseph, Head of LIXIL Water Technology (LWT) India and Subcontinent, said, “The GROHE sink range has been carefully designed to fit seamlessly with your tap, kitchen and unique lifestyle. With every GROHE composite sink, cleaning is less hassle. Good design strategy and a passion for innovation have created this stunning range of products. It is an all-in-one solution to find the perfect combination of sink and faucet in perfect harmony.”

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