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The Grosse Ile Township Board of Supervisors has unanimously voted to place four millage renewals on the ballot in the August 7 primary election.

At its May 13 meeting, the Gross Ile Township Board of Trustees approved $1.32 million to clean, monitor and inspect all sewer pipes over the next five years.

Derek Thiel, township manager and director of the Department of Public Services, said the state requires municipalities to inspect sewer pipes over a five-year period. The previous inspection program in 2018 had just been completed, so this one is just beginning. This recently approved sewer inspection program will last through 2029.

The previous inspection program cost about $750,000, Thiel wrote in an email.

He said it is important to continue doing so, not only because it is required by the state, but because it ensures that the lines remain efficient and effective.

The program cleans the sewers using high-pressure cleaners. The pipes are then inspected using video cables. The inspection is digitally recorded and the engineers prepare reports on the condition of the pipes and any repairs that may be required.

Thiel said they look for “leaks, cracks of all kinds, deformed pipes, illegal connections, blockages of all kinds in the pipe routes, mineral deposits. They also check structures like manhole structures and their condition. They look for missing bricks, leaky joints, grout problems, inflow and infiltration from a variety of different sources.”

The project is carried out by Advanced Rehabilitation Technology.

Although this project does not examine the individual sewer lines of the houses, it does examine the faucet where the sewer lines of the individual houses are connected to the municipal sewer pipes.

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