Havells Unveils Made In India Heat Pump Water Heaters

Havells India Limited, a leading FMEG (Fast Moving Electrical Goods) company, is proud to introduce its latest innovation with the launch of Heat Pump Water Heater, manufactured for the first time in India. This state-of-the-art technology is tailored to the needs of residential applications and offers up to 75% energy savings and sets new standards in water heating.

Designed with particular attention to concerns about energy waste and hot water adequacy, the revolutionary Havells heat pump offers a solution that gives you a seamless bathing experience while using just ¼ energy costs compared to traditional water heaters.

Speaking on the occasion, Avneet Singh Gambhir, Vice President, Havells India said, “At Havells, our unwavering commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability has always driven our innovative efforts. The launch of the revolutionary Havells heat pump marks a significant milestone as it prides itself on being the first made in India solution. This groundbreaking offering not only minimizes energy consumption, but also provides our customers with state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly technology that improves their overall quality of life. We are proud to lead the way towards a greener and more sustainable future through our continued commitment to pioneering solutions that positively impact the environment and the lives of our valued customers.”

The Havells heat pump is your ultimate solution for uninterrupted access to hot water at temperatures up to 75°C. and can deliver a water yield of up to 129 liters. In Eco mode we can set the temperature up to 55°C, which is the most effective mode for saving electricity. This state-of-the-art compressor ensures high efficiency and low noise. With its internal mechanism, the device offers precise control for fast heating and energy savings. The innovative micro-channel heat exchanger design increases energy efficiency. A digital controller allows for easy temperature adjustments and timer settings. In addition, the cable controller has a user-friendly screen that makes installation easier.

The water heater also features a Feroglas coated tank designed for hard water areas and can withstand high working pressures (0.8 MPa). In addition, it has a multi-function safety valve to prevent pressure build-up and a heavy-duty magnesium anode rod with a steel core to protect against rust and corrosion, ensuring the durability of the tank.

The Made in India range is available in 300 liters. The product comes with a 7-year Compressor Warranty, a 5-year Inner Tank Warranty and a 2-year Comprehensive Warranty and is available at all Havells stores in India. The high-density PUF insulation in the container minimizes heat loss and improves energy saving. In addition, the durable construction with Feroglas coating and ultra-thick cold-rolled steel plates ensures a longer service life and maximum safety for extended use.

Havells is a leading brand in water heating solutions and manufactures technically superior water heaters at its own state-of-the-art, state-of-the-art, integrated Industry 4.0 compliant manufacturing facility in Neemrana, which has the capacity to manufacture 14 lakhs water heaters per annum.

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