Heat taking toll on aging water mains in St. Louis area | St. Louis News Headlines

NS. LOUIS COUNTY (KMOV.com) – The heat is putting pressure on aqueducts throughout the St. Louis area.

Missouri American Water reports that the hot weather is causing the soil around aging water pipes to expand and contract, causing them to break. In St. Louis County, utilities reported that some of the main lines are more than 80 years old.

“Most people don’t know when a major break has occurred because our crews can reach it and repair it with minimal impact on the water supply,” a company representative told News 4.

If a leak or break in the water pipe is found, it is highly recommended that you report it on the Missouri American Water website. Customers should not drive through the area where the break occurred as this could further damage the main line or the vehicle.

The utility suggested customers stagger their water usage. For example, if a neighbor is watering their lawn, wait for them to finish before watering your lawn. The high water consumption results in more water being pumped through the Missouri American Water system, which can increase the number of water pipe breaks if linked to the weather and aging pipes.

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