Heim (Home) Micro-House Shows a Mobile Dwelling Done Right – Requires Towing Rig

Norske Mikrohus is a team of craftsmen, engineers, architects and nature lovers. Hell, they made a whole business of living outdoors and moving your home to any area, even if you do it on a daily basis. With any project handcrafted in Oslo, Norway, you can bet this team is ready to provide a home that can withstand the cold Norwegian winters.

Heck, the average summer temperatures for the country are between 57 degrees Fahrenheit (13.9 degrees Celsius) and 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18.3 degrees Celsius). Imagine how cold the winters are. In 1999, for example, temperatures dropped to a bone-destroying -51.2 degrees Celsius, around -60 degrees Fahrenheit. However, this was an exception.

One of the three houses this team makes is known as a home, which simply means “home”. When I got to know the home, I decided that its name was very appropriate. Why? Because that’s it, a home and everything that goes with it.

If you do decide to purchase a home from Mikrohus, you are offered two options, a 7.5 meter (24.6-foot) model and a 6.5-meter (21.3-foot) model Model, each 2.5 in. Meters (8.2 feet) wide. The 24-foot model costs around $ 108,195 at current exchange rates, or NOK 930,000, while the 21-foot model costs $ 103,695 at current exchange rates, or NOK 890,000.

That’s pretty steep for a motorhome; true. But then again, it’s a damn RV! Hell, 16mm spruce siding, aluminum roof, double-laminated window frames, year-round construction, and you should get an idea of ​​why this pup is costing so much.

Don’t expect a Winnebago or Airstream style interior as this sucker is made for a really comfortable life. While it doesn’t feel like an important aspect, the fact that the home has a ceiling height of 3 meters (9.8 feet) is enough to make you feel at home. But this altitude isn’t just for breathing. It has a purpose.

To maximize space and include household appliances, Mikrohus decided to move the bedroom to one side of the home and then raise it above the bathroom. Access to this area is via a staircase on one side of the house, which offers plenty of storage space underneath.

If you’re feeling claustrophobic in the bedroom, three windows offer views of the surrounding world that you can enjoy from a queen or king-size mattress that is lightly sunk into the floor. Wooden floors are also part of the starter package.

Across from the stairwell, a kitchen with oak worktops, space for a dishwasher and fridge / freezer, stainless steel sink and faucet and countless drawers line this side of the house. A large window behind the sink lets you gaze out into the world and shows you what you are cooking. Downlights provide lighting as soon as the sun goes down.

The bathroom, which sits below the bedroom, gives way to a grand European-style design of an incineration or compost toilet, a large standing shower, and a vanity unit with a ceramic sink. There is even space for a washing machine inside.

Now, as in every normal house, electrical and sanitary systems are available and ready with a constant pressure pump, a 130-liter water tank, electric underfloor heating and a 230-volt electrical system want. I say this because Mikrohus has myriad options for creating the home of your dreams, including a wood-burning stove, mosaic tiles, and even the mentioned washing machine and dishwasher, all for an extra charge, of course. When that is all said and done, one thing that can always be done with such a construction is to upgrade the electrical system with an inverter and some solar panels.

Such houses are increasingly used in road traffic. Hell, with the laws they have been for the past few years, it’s no wonder more and more people tend to own a home that they can take anywhere they want.

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