Heywood gas pipe repairs to take place and road closures warning

Gas network Cadent has found a leak in an underground pipe near the intersection of Bamford Road with River Street and Clay Bank Street.

Using cameras to locate the source, engineers determined that tree roots had damaged the pipe.

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This has caused gas to leak and water to seep in, affecting the gas supply to surrounding homes.

At this location there is no access from Bamford Road to River Street and vice versa – there are two entrances to River Street and the other is unaffected.

There will also be no access to Clay Bank Street from Bamford Road and vice versa.

Bus operators have been informed and it is expected that buses can continue to operate in these works.

Chris Campbell, customer operations area manager at Cadent, said: “Cutting down the tree is simply not an option. The only way to fix the problem is to connect the houses to a pipe running on the opposite side of Bamford Road.”

“We will lay a new section of pipe between the two locations.

“This means that we have to make an “open cut” in the roadway and therefore control the flow of traffic around our work area.

“We will work on one side of the road and then move to the other, so vehicles can still travel in both directions – but with traffic lights.

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“We will start work on Monday after rush hour and aim to have everything completed by the end of the week.

“We recognize that this is far from ideal, particularly given that there is further significant roadworks taking place in the area.

“We are regularly monitoring this leak and it is under control.

“We can only do this as a short-term measure.”

“We need to make these repairs both for safety reasons and to protect the gas supply to these homes.”

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Cadent consulted with Rochdale Council's highways department, while customer teams notified local homes, schools and businesses.

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