Hilary Farr’s Sink Design Tip Will Save Your Tiny Bathroom From Feeling Squished

Before choosing a Hilary Farr-approved floating vanity or wall-hung sink design, understand the pros and cons of a wall-mounted faucet. Whether your bathroom is small, spacious, or any size in between, a wall-mounted sink has the advantage of being relatively easy to clean. While cleaning bathroom vanities with elaborate countertops or double sink formats can be time-consuming and tedious, maintaining a wall-mounted sink should be far less labor-intensive due to its smaller, less bulky structure.

However, one not-so-practical aspect of wall-mounted sinks is that their design typically offers little to no storage space. While the space-saving structure is helpful for small spaces, keep in mind that you'll still need somewhere to store your bathroom essentials like toilet paper, hair products, and shower cleaner. So if you don't have a vanity where you can store these items?

One aspect of choosing a wall-mounted sink that can be either an advantage or a disadvantage depending on how you look at it is its minimalist appearance. Such a simple sink requires less styling than more complex vanities, saving you more money and effort—but that simplicity also limits your ability to get creative with your bathroom accessories. Not to mention, it leaves visible plumbing under the sink, which can be unsightly.

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