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WHATCOM – Man caves. She sheds. tree houses. entertainment rooms. Tiny Houses.

At one end of the size and cost spectrum are the mega villas. However, the tiny houses make people question what exactly they are.

Are they some sort of adult playhouse, vacation home, or something else? Are they a temporary place for the homeless?

Rachel and her partner own a tiny house not far from their family on a lot off the Mount Baker Highway. Your eyes are on the mountains and the meadows. Essentially, they live off the grid. Your dog, a rescued animal, has room to run.

Both Rachel and her partner are professionals who rent a large house full of belongings. The couple’s transition to a tiny home has meant clearing out clutter, choosing favorite things and figuring out what matters most. Rachel works with terminally ill patients and her work day can be difficult. Home must be restful. Rachel didn’t want to sacrifice comfort and her partner is well over 6′ tall.

The couple’s tiny home was built by a local company, one of several doing so. It was built especially for you. Removed an agricultural structure in poor condition. They used the space – and the power connection.

The cost was around $100,000 or more, so it’s not a shed. The couple’s home has a large porch for entertaining, is not tiny in style, contains white walls and lots of wood and lots of windows and light, a fully functional kitchen with a full refrigerator, storage space under the stairs to the sleeping loft, while a ladder can be used for use to be moved to the other attic.

The bathroom has a full shower, a normal looking toilet that is eco-friendly with gray water and composting capabilities and doesn’t require a typical sewage treatment system.

The couple’s premium washer/dryer was from an RV supplier. Surprisingly, the whole house ran away with an affordable heat source last winter.

After racking up significant debt for education and not liking the weight of debt, Rachel felt this was a smart way to not only have something more affordable, but something convenient and beautiful.

In recent years, the cost of living in Whatcom County has increased. While working with another local company that made both large and tiny custom homes, people were fascinated by the simplicity of less cleaning and streamlined life after child rearing. Another local art lover decided to build one himself, which took a little time and the occasional help from friends.

Shannon Black started Big Freedom Tiny Homes in a warehouse in Bellingham. The construction time for a house is three to four months, since Black does it himself. However, demand also affects the construction time. Big Freedom requires a $10,000 deposit in advance to reserve the home, which counts toward the purchase price.

According to hbigfreedomtinyhomes.com, Black learned to build in Taos, New Mexico. He eventually sold those businesses and then relocated to the Pacific Northwest. Today, building small houses is his passion and he has an active Instagram page showing current and past projects.

Buy online & finished

Home Depot has a 443.3 square foot Rose Cottage steel frame kit for an ADU guest house. At the end of September, pre-assembled steel panels for easier do-it-yourself installation cost $31,887. It does not include prices for finishings such as doors, windows, electrical, plumbing or appliances. This is meant to be built on a concrete foundation while many other small houses are built on a trailer chassis. Home Depot also has several other options at varying prices.

Costco online has a studio shed pictured online. Call 800-300-9215 for more information. It uses a pre-engineered approach to flat-packed, sheet-like sets of parts. The sheds can be used as home office spaces, music studios, creative spaces, man caves and she sheds, and storage.

An online inquiry process assists in selection using an online virtual view for self-design and pricing.

Gardenview small house village project

The City of Bellingham has planned a small home village at 1399 Woburn St. on Lakeway Drive near historic Bayview Cemetery. It was the former site of the city’s Clean Green facility.

The design concept included working with non-profit organizations and providing 24/7 staff oversight, as well as assisting verified low-income residents in the transition to permanent housing.

The city’s website explains that the projects have experienced delays.

West Coast Homes & Wildwood Lakeside cottages

West Coast Homes (WCH), a division formed from Faber Construction in 2011, is based between Lynden and Bellingham on the Hannegan. WCH recently remodeled a warehouse to build more all-weather tiny homes.

The community of Wildwood is located on the southwestern shore of Lake Whatcom and offers a valid tiny home location, although the company builds custom tiny homes that go to other locations.

The homes are also customized by the owners’ choices of fixtures and finishes. The Salish model starts at $165,000, The Bellevue at $170,000 and The Glacier at $200,000.

A portfolio of photos shows the variety available. The process is carried out through collaboration.

According to the website wildwoodlakefrontcottages.com, more than 40 small houses were built by WCH for this 83-unit gated community. Some of the cabins are available for vacation rentals.

What Does Washington Say About Tiny Houses?

Washington state, wa.gov, says a tiny house is a dwelling that can be built on wheels and is no larger than 400 square feet. Visit the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, lni.wa.gov, to see what they say about tiny houses, including building codes.

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