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[Apollo Plumbing] explains the relevance and application of trenchless rehabilitation as well as the later cost savings in yard rehabilitation.

Pipe repairs are rarely an easy task. Between turning over the lawn and removing the old plumbing, the process often leaves an unwelcome mess in its wake. Apollo Plumbing understands the value of an efficient, clean home repair and has published an article entitled Trenchless Pipe Repair: Protecting Your Lawn and Garden. As it sounds, the post explains the relevance and application of trenchless repair, as well as later money savings in yard repair.

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The article begins by discussing technological advances in plumbing. Experienced maintenance technicians have developed machines that not only save the yard, but also streamline the installation process and take the plumbing work itself to new heights. Apollo Plumbing is clear and concise throughout the article, explaining this machinery in simple terms.

Homeowners can read how a small entrance and exit hole is dug at both ends of the old, broken pipe. The article continues: “A unique head called the Mole begins burrowing underground, trailing the length of a new pipe behind it. This is carefully channeled through the ground to the exit hole at the opposite end of the old broken pipe.” From there, a new pipe is installed and secured, leaving the turf completely intact. No digging is required and the new pipe is ready to work efficiently: hidden underground.

To learn more about trenchless aqueducts, contact Apollo Plumbing at http://www.apolloplumbing.net/get-a-quote.

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