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This time of year is usually pretty busy, but this long cold spell has caused Central Plumbing and Heating to be extra busy and have a backlog of customers needing service.

Jason Kalai of Central Plumbing and Heating shared, “I've definitely noticed a more steady increase in heating requests for repairs and things like that.”

And in the cold, what can you do if you're worried your pipes might freeze?

“Run some water. “If you have an area that you know is very vulnerable to these sustained sub-zero temperatures, then a little pencil spray would certainly help,” he said

And if you're worried about your heating system, it's important to keep an eye on it, especially if you have a forced air system.

“More in your forced air system, just things like filters to make sure they're clean and not blocking any part of the airflow.” He continued

And how are the people in the city? Are people too cold?

Lyle Martin shared, “Pretty good. We were indoors most of the time. We don't go out in the cold anymore. We’re too old.”

And Thelma Claffey continued: “Not really, but I still dress warmly. I wear it like a vest.”

Central Plumbing and Heating also shares that since they are busy with service requests, it is better to schedule something with them sooner rather than later.

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