How essential is hot water bath during the rainy season?

I remember with nostalgia the days when the world was still innocent and still healthy, when it was still free from the madness that came afterwards, how my peers danced almost naked in the rain when their mothers went out and how the seduction of the stormy elements was just too strong to withstand. As such, we would always find an excuse to let the rain drip onto our bare skin.

Trekking through swamps with rainwater was also pretty much the order of the day because the rain had flooded every available walkway, it was a childhood, plain and unsullied.

It so happened that every time we got home, our mothers were soaked and soaked in rainwater, insisting that we take a hot bath or soak our feet in hot salt water.

Annoyed that we played in the rain, our mothers never bothered to explain, but over time it became clear why a hot water bath is essential after the cold, wet rain. The cold rain can make body temperature unstable by causing hypothermia, which occurs when the body becomes cold and loses heat faster than the body can produce on its own.

The rainy season also brings respiratory illnesses like colds and flu with it and leads to fluctuations in body temperature and for these reasons we had to bathe in hot water or at least soak our cold wet feet in it.

There are many benefits of warm water during the rainy season, one of which is that drinking warm water relieves congestion in the nose and throat while clearing mucus from the airways.

Drinking warm water also aids digestion as it dissolves the fat deposited in the inner walls of the intestines, reduces the incidence of colon cancer, and also flushes toxins out of the body.

Drinking warm water will clear up chest congestion, as nasal congestion is common in the rainy season.

When mixed with coffee and tea, hot water has many benefits. Studies published in 2017 linked hot coffee consumption to longer lifespan.

Other research has found a link between moderate consumption of hot coffee and a reduced risk of Parkinson’s disease, some cancers, type 2 diabetes, some liver diseases, and heart problems.

Hot teas are known to reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease, and liver disease. Studies have also linked consuming a hot cup of water to reduced levels of stress and anxiety.

About the benefits of hot water during the rainy season, a doctor speaks, Dr. Bukky Tikare, noted that hot water baths have become necessary as they increase blood flow and lower blood pressure while relaxing the body and putting it into sleep mode.

In her opinion, hot water baths during the rainy season also contribute to hygiene, as it washes the oil and dirt out of the skin’s pores and thus ensures a healthy shine and shine for skin and hair.

Dr. Adefarati AjayiAnother medical professional emphasized that hot water not only restores body temperature, but also prevents headaches.

Other benefits of hot water, especially in the rainy season, include burning calories, as suggested by a recent Loughborough University study on the effects of hot baths.

Hot water baths also provide the skin with moisture, as the warm water makes the skin moist for longer and more receptive to skin vitamins.

Hot baths also help us feel better and more relaxed after a stressful day. It’s also a great way to reduce daily anxiety and feel good all around.

Warm water has also been shown to be helpful in relieving mental stress, as immersion in a warm bath tends to decrease and balance the activity of the nervous system. The combination of these effects can improve brain function with increases in working memory, language skills, and processing speed.

With the rains in season, a hot water bath has become an invaluable asset and indispensable for a healthy lifestyle.

Hence, investing and installing a water heater in their homes is imperative for families to navigate this rainy season.

Although some people consider water heaters a luxury, recent studies have shown that high quality water heater brands like Ariston, the world’s leading water heater brands, have moderate prices.

It has also been proven that buying and installing water heaters in homes to provide hot water for the bathroom and other uses is far cheaper in the long run than many other ways of heating water with a gas or stove.

Water heaters are also safer when compared to the dangers associated with boiling water in the kitchen and taking it to the bathroom, which can lead to household accidents.

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