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Plumbers who can work with gas can choose between $50 to $260 per hour. Location, experience and certification affect the overall price. For example, an experienced gas fitter in California is usually more expensive than a new fitter in Virginia.

How many hours this job takes depends on the size of the tank and whether professionals are installing it above or below ground. A 120-gallon tank can be installed by two technicians in an hour, but installing a 500-gallon underground tank can take a small crew a full day of work.

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Propane gas is passed through a regulator to reduce the pressure in the tank to the pressure appropriate for the equipment. Most regulators are about 50 to 90 US dollars plus installation costs.


Most areas require permits to install new propane tanks. Permit costs vary depending on where you live, but expect 25 to 200 US dollars.


Above ground tanks must be installed on concrete or other non-combustible surfaces. Most companies charge around 100 to 200 US dollars for this pad for a small vertical tank and 300 to 500 US dollars for a larger tank.

Annual inspection

An annual propane tank inspection is essential to ensure safety and compliance. The process typically includes a thorough visual inspection for damage or corrosion, a leak test of valves and connections, a pressure test to confirm tank integrity, and any necessary maintenance or repairs. This annual fee is typically about 50 to 75 US dollars.

Tank filling

If you want to fill your propane tank, you may be wondering how much it will cost. Propane costs depend on several factors, including the size of your tank and current market prices for propane. Therefore, the average cost of propane is usually between 2 to 3 dollars per gallon.

Gas pipelines

The cost of installing gas pipes depends on the distance and complexity of the installation. Longer distances or more complicated installations may require additional materials and labor. Costs can range from $250 to $850.


The cost of a propane tank can depend on a number of factors. One of the most important is the installation location. For example, purchasing a propane tank for a grill is less expensive than installing an above-ground propane tank. An underground propane tank is undoubtedly the most expensive of the three options.

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