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When you install a septic tank, there are several additional steps and costs involved. When budgeting, keep the following other potential costs in mind.

Percolation test

A percolation test, also called a “Perc test,” analyzes the soil and drainage around the proposed septic system location. This usually costs between $450 And $1,400. In a worst-case scenario, the site could fail the Perc test because the soil percolation rate is too low to be suitable for a septic tank. In this case, you would have to look for alternatives to a septic system. That's why this is a necessary first step.

Land surveying

Before installing a septic tank, a land survey should be performed by a licensed and insured professional in your area. The surveyor will ensure that the proposed location is actually on your property, which could save you major and expensive legal problems later if your installation were to accidentally fall outside the boundaries of your property. Although costs vary by location and are tied to property size, the average cost is lower $330 and the average high-end is $900.


Since this is a land improvement, it is important to obtain proper permits to install a septic system. The cost of this depends on local government decisions and regulations, but the average cost is in between $320 And $1,880. Keep in mind that you may need to renew the permit.

Tank size

Larger homes or those with greater wastewater disposal needs will require larger tanks, which can cost more $1,400 for a 1,000 gallon tank suitable for a three bedroom home. On the other end of the spectrum, 500-gallon tanks suitable for one-bedroom homes cost an average of 500 gallons $750.


In most cases, the installation effort itself is the largest cost factor when installing a septic system – especially because this is not a do-it-yourself job. It costs between $1,400 And $4,100 for work to install a septic tank. This is also why it can be more expensive to replace a full septic tank than to install it in the first place; Replacement requires removal, floor repair and installation.

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