How to decide between a Moen faucet and a Delta faucet

Are you a shopper who loves having seemingly unlimited options and gets excited rather than overwhelmed by all the possibilities? You’ll love looking for faucets at Delta, as they have more choices than Moen. While Moen has under 200 kitchen faucets, Delta has more than 9,000, providing significantly more choices for the shoppers who want to see it all. Not only does Delta offer many more kitchen faucet options, but the brand has more bathroom faucet choices, too. There are more than 400 options at Delta; meanwhile, Moen has about half the number of choices.  Many customers love using their Delta faucets, praising the high quality, reasonable price, and convenient pullout feature that makes cleaning easy. 

In addition to working well, consumers like the attractive finish options — such as the champagne bronze — and how they beautifully pair with similar kitchen hardware looks from other retailers. Also, if you’re nervous about the process of changing a faucet, Delta’s are easier to install. They provide a more convenient DIY project for anyone with a screwdriver, while Moen faucets can be more challenging. Moreover, faucets from both brands are accessible, but it’s still worth noting that a few more online retailers sell Delta than Moen products. Before getting swept away by all the benefits of shopping for Delta faucets, keep in mind that there are other perks of opting for a faucet from Moen.

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