Huge Discount! Get a 49% Off On 25 L Hindware Water Geyser, Details Here

Flipkart Offers: As winter has already arrived, it becomes more and more difficult for people to do many tasks, especially the children, due to the cold. We can’t solve everything, but we can solve some of the problems. The cold can be avoided if we wear warm clothes, but problems arise when we do water-related tasks. The cold water complicates things so we have perfect water heater to keep warm water flowing through your taps even in winter makes things easier and it can be found on Flipkart with an amazing deal at a lower price than others. The detailed specification and deal are given below.

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Specifications of Hindware’s water geyser

model name Instantly
capacity 25L
colour White
Type storage
bracket type Vertical
power consumption 2000W
temperature range 35 – 75 degrees Celsius
radiator copper
tank insulation material PUF

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Offer and discount on Hindware water geyser

The original price of this water geyser is 11990 rupees but you can get it for only 5999 rupees, saving you a whopping 6,000 rupees and getting it at a very low market price. If you take advantage of bank offers, the price can be reduced even further. exchange offer

If you provide them with an ancient geyser, you can get up to 600 rupees, making the price of the geyser only 5399 rupees.

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