HVP Magazine – New Juniper HP Plus heat pump water heater from Modutherm



Modutherm has expanded its range of heating and hot water products with the launch of the Juniper HP Plus indoor water heater with heat pump.

The Juniper HP Plus is available in left- or right-hand versions and integrates an air heat pump with a high-quality stainless steel cylinder for powerful and convenient hot water preparation. This makes it suitable for all-electric residential or light commercial projects.

For larger buildings or when additional hot water is required, multiple Juniper HP Plus water heaters can be installed in parallel.

Paul Longman, National Specifications Manager at Modutherm, said: “As developers and builders integrate renewable energy into their residential and multi-family housing projects, they are looking for exceptional value for money – and the Juniper HP Plus offers exactly that. We have our reputation is built on providing designers and heating engineers with high quality, innovative and cost effective products and this heat pump water heater is no exception. It is the perfect choice for residential and small commercial applications and is also easy to install and operate.”

The device uses R290, a naturally occurring refrigerant found in everyday household appliances such as refrigerators, freezers and portable air conditioners. It has a low global warming potential (GWP) of 3 and an ozone depletion potential (ODP) of 0, which the company says results in better operating parameters for heat pumps.

The floor standing unit is available in 200 and 300 litre capacities with hand-held front/side water connections to allow easy integration with pipework fixed to an adjacent wall and to ensure symmetrical pipework installation across all properties. This is particularly beneficial for Prefabricated Utility Closet (PUC) suppliers as it streamlines pipework manufacturing processes.

The Juniper HP Plus is listed on SAP Appendix Q, highlighting its significant contribution to renewable energy within the SAP framework. It is also fully ErP Part L compliant. The Juniper HP Plus can also achieve significant operating cost savings, according to Modutherm, with a downtime loss of just 1.4kW per day.

Due to its advanced software, the device can automatically calculate and analyze its current operating conditions and then adjust power consumption to achieve an optimal coefficient of performance (CoP). Under the standard test conditions of EN16147, the water heater can achieve a CoP of up to 3.80.

Juniper HP Plus can be controlled locally via the large touchscreen or remotely via the Smart Life app, making configuration and management easy. It is also suitable for use with Decoral WiFi Electric aluminum radiators from Modutherm's sister company MHS Radiators.

The Juniper HP Plus also comes with a five-year fuel warranty and a two-year parts warranty.


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