If You See This in Your Basement, Call a Plumber Now

Whether it’s a leaky faucet or a shower head losing pressure, virtually every home will have problems installing it at some point. In parts of your home that you don’t necessarily use every day, such as However, installation problems, for example in your basement, can often go unnoticed for a long period of time – in many cases until you have an emergency on your hands. To avoid a major repair in your future, read on to find out which basement installation problems, according to plumbers, deserve an emergency response.

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While many people have a leak in their basement at some point, if the source seems to be your water heater, don’t wait to call a plumber.

“If you notice pools building up in the bottom of your water heater tank, it can create a leak that can lead to serious problems and no hot water,” explains Matthew Johnston MBA, President of bluefrog Plumbing + Drain in Orange County, determining the need for an emergency installer to improve the situation.

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If your sewer jams, you may be in a rush to have a bigger problem on your hands – including the potential for serious illness.

“This is always an emergency,” says Jake Romano of John the Plumber. “Backups can do a lot of damage and bring lots of dangerous fumes and pathogens into your home. You always want to have them fixed right away.”

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It doesn’t take long for a leak from your aqueduct to turn into a full-blown flood.

“You need an emergency contractor to isolate the leak and fix the water pipe,” he explains Rebecca Lacey, Director of Lacey Plumbing Ltd. Lacey notes that this type of leak can cause flooding and potentially short out your electrical system or get into neighboring apartments or attached houses.

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A faulty sump pump may seem like a minor problem, but it can quickly become a major problem, especially if you anticipate inclement weather.

“If that fails, the basement begins to flood and the water table rises, which in turn causes damage from flooding and moisture,” explains Lacey.

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It doesn’t take long for a frozen pipe to burst and flood. If you see signs that your pipes are frozen, it’s time to take preventive measures and call a plumber.

“As soon as you notice this, turn on any adjacent equipment at least as far as the trickle and let them run. The goal is to keep the water moving so it doesn’t freeze, but hopefully to relieve the freeze line, too it doesn’t burst, “explains Joseph Wood, Founder of the Boston Standard Company. “Find your water pipe too, because often a frozen pipe has already burst and you don’t know exactly until it thaws,” he recommends.

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