I’m an appliance pro & a popular TikTok cleaning hack can leave you with a big plumbing bill

THE #cleantok community has sent mixed messages among neat freaks.

An appliance expert said the cleanup tips could do more harm than good.

An appliance expert weighed in on popular TikTok cleaning hacks, saying they could lead to a hefty plumbing bill (stock image)Photo credit: Getty

RDO Kitchens & Appliances appliance expert Matt Ayres provided an overview of the problems with popular cleaning trends.

He said some of the hacks absolutely won't work, while others could cause serious damage to the home.

Cleaning professionals search the Internet for tips and tricks.

With short explanatory videos, a lot of context can be lost for do-it-yourselfers.


In addition to pointing out that tidying is forbidden, Ayres also offered some alternative tips to try instead.

“Sink cleaning hacks can result in a hefty plumbing bill,” he said.

“A TikTok hack promises to remove dirt and other debris from kitchen sink drain holes, leaving them sparkling like new.”

“The 'hack' is to remove the spark plug hole with little effort.

“In many videos, the 'dirt' that influencers are removing is actually the rubber seal that is supposed to prevent leaks in the sink.”

A viral TikTok demonstrating the hack ultimately left the cleaner clearly disappointed.

'Quick and easy hack that actually works' blast cleans fans while clearing radiators of dust with an 'amazing' free trick

“To remove deposits in the holes, use a drain cleaner, leave it for an hour and then add boiling water,” advises Ayres.

“Keep your drain and sink fresh by using baking soda and rinsing with boiling water two to three times a week.”

Arm & Hammer Pure Baking Soda is available at Target for $1.59.


Ayres also pointed out a virus cleaning tip that doesn't live up to expectations.

“The three-ingredient oven cleaning hack is inefficient,” he said.

Cleaning hacks and tips

Here are some tips to help you the next time you clean your home:

“Popular ovens can accumulate food scraps and residue, which is why you…” [viral] TikToker shared a trick to clean the device using a paste made of fairy liquid, baking soda and vinegar,” he said.

“The cleaning method uses a large amount of each ingredient to create a paste that is applied to oven racks, glass, and any other areas where grease collects in the oven.

“It then stays there overnight and is cleaned.”

Ayres said the night shift cleaning job might be overkill for those looking for a fresher oven.

“This hack is time-consuming from the start,” Ayres said.

“Using traditional oven cleaners and degreasers can achieve the same results with minimal mess.

“In addition, baking soda is a mild abrasive and should not be used to clean scratch-resistant surfaces such as glass.”

To be on the safe side, Matt Ayres recommended cleaning the drain with baking soda and a hot rinse two to three times a week (product photo).Photo credit: Getty

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