Improperly Installed Water Heater Likely Caused Carbon Monoxide Leak That Left Three Americans Dead in Mexican Airbnb

An autopsy confirmed that three friends who died in it Mexico all succumbed carbon monoxide poisoning.

The deaths of Jordan Marshall, Courtez Halland Candace Florence left tourists nervous after their bodies were found inside hers Mexico City La Rosita Neighborhood Airbnb on 30th of October. The three were in Mexico to celebrate the Day of the Dead. Jasmine confided to her boyfriend in the US that she felt ill in the hours leading up to her death. Unable to reach her, the concerned spouse reached out to the Airbnb host and asked him to check on the group. Shortly thereafter, the host informed him that the three had been found unresponsive inside. The Mexican authorities suspect no foul play.

“Right now they believe a water heater was installed incorrectly that caused the carbon monoxide poisoning,” said Jasmine Marshall, Jordan’s sister PERSONS. She says the US Embassy in Mexico broke the grim news to her father, although the investigation remains open as they work to find out who installed the water heater.

The group’s tragic end has put Mexico in the spotlight, which has been the scene of several suspicious deaths in tourist areas. On October 29, Shanquella Robinson was found dead in her holiday villa after an argument with a friend. An autopsy revealed that she had serious spinal and neck injuries. This month the butchered remains of three people washed up on a crowded beach Acapulco, Mexico, which attracts thousands of visitors. At least one of the bodies showed a gunshot wound.

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