Interior tips: Cost-effective ways to renovate a kitchen on a budget

As energy, fuel and food costs rise, many homeowners will put their renovation plans aside. This doesn’t have to be the case, however, as there are many ways to give homes a makeover without spending a fortune. Looeeze Grossman, founder and CEO of The Used Kitchen Company, has exclusively shared with her “inexpensive ways” to renovate a kitchen without breaking the bank.

Some of Looeeze’s hacks could also make homeowners a bit of money in the long run.

What can homeowners do for free?

Water conservation initiatives are now available at no cost to most homeowners.

Installing extras like aerators in faucets can have a massive impact on water bills, with people saving up to 60 percent each year.

Water saving initiatives along with energy efficient appliances can save homeowners big bucks in the long run.

Looeeze also suggested speaking to a home’s water utility to see if there are any discounts.

Many offer reduced fares for those with children in the household or those on low incomes.

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“You can buy a former bargain or a beautiful used kitchen just waiting to be repainted and refurnished.

“The beauty of buying used or refurbished displays means you also have a lot more money left over to spend on extras like handles or flooring, which helps create a distinctive and designer-inspired space.”

update devices

For those who can’t stretch out to buying an entirely new kitchen, Looeeze suggested upgrading appliances instead.

She claimed upgrading appliances has “several benefits” and would result in homeowners spending “less” on energy.

Devices don’t have to be new to be more efficient.

People often list their almost brand new devices after moving house.

Grab a brush

The simple use of color can completely transform a kitchen without breaking the bank.

Those on a tight budget can check the clearance department at their local hardware stores.

Looeeze continued: “There are often paint cans for as little as a few pounds that have either been mixed with the wrong paint or have been discontinued.

“Just remember, making your doors look good is all about preparation.

“A thorough cleaning with sugar soap, a light sanding and a good primer.”

Combine old with new

Mixing the old with the new gives any kitchen a dramatic update.

An old farmhouse sink or a reclaimed piece of oak used as a countertop looks incredible when mixed with modern pieces.

The kitchen expert said homeowners should never give up using items you love in order to keep decorating rules.

Upcycling items found online or in charity shops or garage sales not only keeps the landfill out, but also means homeowners often end up with far better quality products, especially those made with wood.

Looeeze added, “With trends like cluttercore and cottagecore still rife and texture and color firmly on the agenda, you can easily mix and match different colored chairs around a vintage table.”

“You get the best of both worlds with mismatched plate sets and of course vintage pendants fitted with new energy saving lightbulbs.

“Beautiful style with the benefits of cost savings through lower energy consumption.”

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