Iplex furthers capabilities with restrain PVC-U pipe

With over 80 years of experience in effectively repairing, rehabilitating or replacing existing pipelines, Iplex understands the importance of finding solutions for plant owners and contractors while protecting the environment and local residents.

Restrain™ Sewer Pipe was developed by Iplex specifically for new sewer networks and for the repair and replacement of underground gravity sewer infrastructure. Based on customer feedback and demand, Iplex is expanding its range of restrained sewer pipes by adding a 375mm diameter pipe to its range.

Product Manager Andrew Omer-Cooper says the DN375 is a welcome addition to the already successful Restrain range.

“In addition to our broader Restrain range, we are now better equipped to help customers install jacking pipes quickly and safely,” he says.

Manufactured by Iplex in Australia, Restrain is suitable for many different installation methods including open and trenchless installations: such as Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), auger or guided drilling, micro tunneling and more. Restrain meets strict national and product standards and also has a positive WSAA rating.

“The use of Restrain as a jacking pipe shows how versatile this trenchless PVC pipe can be. Those customers who have already experienced the speed and compatibility with existing DWVs and maximized hydraulic capacity of using Restrain will now be able to experience this in yet another trenchless application,” says Omer-Cooper.

According to Omer-Cooper, Restrain is an Australian made product which ensures a strong local supply chain, giving Iplex the flexibility to meet customer project needs.

“The product is also made from eco-friendly PVC and is a Green Building Council Australia certified product, which is very important to Iplex,” he says.

The introduction of Restrain DN375 is another example of how Iplex continues to innovate, enhance its product offering to meet customer needs and continue to provide exceptional customer support.

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This article appeared in the May issue of The Australian Pipeliner.

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