It’s Time for “Hero” Olympic’s Water Heaters, a Warm OOH Campaign in Cairo

On the busy streets of Cairo you can now see Olympic Electric’s, one of Egypt’s largest household appliance brands; recurring advertising campaign. The city’s billboards have become the advertising platform for Olympic Electric’s Hero Heaters, which paved the way for efficient and environmentally friendly heating solutions.

Following their previous appearance, Olympic Electric’s state-of-the-art electric heaters are once again strategically placed to showcase their sleek and functional design, making them a perfect fit for any Egyptian home. The Hero Heater is featured in an Egyptian family portrait featured on large billboards, illustrating its importance in creating a cozy and nurturing environment for families, where the heater is presented as a natural part of the household. As red is part of Olympic Electric’s brand identity, it is used prominently in the poster design to create brand awareness and association and create a coherent visual identity with previous campaigns.

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Check out Monitoring Out of Home (MOOH), a specialist media intelligence agency and analytics system operating in Cairo and Dubai, to learn more about this campaign.

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