KANDIYOHI COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS FOR FULL INFORMATION see www.kcmn.us or call (320) 231-6215 Office of the County Auditor/Treasurer of Kandiyohi County, Willmar, Minnesota. The Board of Commissioners of Kandiyohi County met at 9:00 a.m. on September 6, 2022 pursuant to an adjournment. All members were present. A motion by Nissen, 2nd Anderson to adopt the consent agenda as follows passed unanimously. a) Approval of Minutes of Board Meeting of August 16, 2022. b) Auditor’s Warrants and Claims – $435,486.73 from the Revenue Fund, $11,398.21 from the Coronavirus Relief Fund, $782.33 from the Regional Treatment Center Fund , $166,696.80 from the Road and Bridge Fund, $93,742.56 from the County Building Fund, $1,254.99 from the Ditch Fund, $103,048.11 from the Library Fund, $6,100.45 from the Health & Human Services Building Fund, $24,905.55 from Recorders Technology Fund, $63,164.33 from Water & Sewer Fund, $1,932.00 from Water & Sewer Bond Fund, $1,440.82 from Computer/Communication Maintenance Fund, $56,118.76 from Capital Equipment Fund, $60,514.55 from the Sanitary Landfill Fund, $50.85 from the Forfeited Tax Sale Fund according to the detailed schedule of claims as recorded in the County Auditor/Treasurer’s office. Agenda item to update MnDOT Capital Equipment Highway investment plan has been postponed to a future date due to a conflict. Mr. Kleindl appeared before the commissioners to present an update on the Big Kandi East County Park bathhouse project. In June 2021, Kandiyohi County received a grant from DNR State Parks ($234,000) for the addition of 2 RV cabins and a bathhouse. One of the grant requests, a cultural resource survey, was completed in May 2022, with the final report indicating positive test results for the proposed bathhouse site. After consultation, it was decided to demolish the existing bathhouse and to rebuild the new bathhouse on this site. A new septic system will be installed extending slightly outside of the original footprint. A cultural resource survey is being conducted at the site; However, since construction has already taken place at this location, the results may be negative. An extension of the funding will be applied for. Kandiyohi County Economic Development Commission (EDC) Executive Director Aaron Backman appeared before the commissioners to provide updated information and request approval of the 2023 EDC budget. A motion by Gardner, 2nd Nissen to approve the 2023 EDC budget passed unanimously. Gary Geer, Environmental Services Director, appeared for a Harassment Reduction Hearing for Scott Johnson, Whitefield Farms Inc. property at 589 90th Avenue SE, Willmar, Tax Lot Number 32-014-0065. On May 5th, 2022, the environmental agency received a complaint about this property. The property was inspected on May 25, 2022. On 06/01/2022 a letter was delivered to the property owner requesting that the nuisance be rectified by 07/01/2022. On 15 July 2022 the land owner called and explained that most of the cleaning outside as well as inside the outdoor building had been completed. Mr Geer’s inspection of the property revealed that a pile of decaying deerskins had been rearranged on the property and that no other work had been completed. Mr. Geer’s next inspection was on August 11, 2022, no more work was done and the nuisance has not decreased. On August 15, 2022, Mr. Geer sent a notice to Mr. Johnson regarding the Harassment Mitigation Hearing scheduled for September 6, 2022 at 9:00 am. Mr Geer noted that Mr Johnson has made significant progress in removing the nuisance on his property since this hearing was scheduled. His recommendation is that the board set the deadline for remediation of the harassment within 30 days, and if the harassment is not remedied, the county will mitigate the nuisance at the owner’s expense. A motion by Anderson, 2. Imdieke to allow Mr. Johnson, the property owner, to clean up all nuisances by October 6, 2022, and if all nuisances are not cleaned up by that date, the county, all nuisances and all incurred Eliminate reduction costs The property owner was accepted unanimously in the vote. Mr. Geer shared updates on two other annoying features. – Property of Kyle Carlson, Tax Package #18-315-0030: Mr. Carlson licensed the vehicles on the property and the solid waste has been eliminated. The county didn’t have to go in and vacate this property. – Larry Knuteson, Tax Package #27-744-0240: The county needed to reduce nuisance with support from the Public Works Department. County Administrator Larry Kleindl appeared to be seeking approval for the 2023 Medical Examiner Contract with Anoka County. The contract is essentially the same as in previous years and includes an automatic two-year renewal clause. A motion by Nissen, 2nd Anderson to approve the 2023 medical examiner contract with Anoka County passed unanimously. Larry Kleindl, district administrator, appeared to seek certification of the 2023 budget proposal. Mr. Kleindl explained that after today’s confirmation, the budget can decrease but not increase. The final 2023 budget will be approved at the Truth in Taxation meeting on December 1, 2022. Mr. Kleindl pointed out that the district plans for the long term in order to keep the tax burden at a constant level as far as possible. Most of the budget increases are related to employee pay and benefits, with several capital improvements. The county is expected to receive $2,476,130.00 in program assistance that will be credited directly against the county’s property taxes. A motion by Imdieke, 2nd Gardner to approve the 2023 budget, which includes a 2.9% increase in tax collection (total tax collection of $36,362,370.00), was passed unanimously. Eric Holien, Sheriff, appeared before the commissioners to present the body camera audit review findings and recommendations. Eric Holien, Sheriff, appeared before the commissioners to present the results of the Minnesota Board of Peace Officer and Standards Training review and audit of standards compliance. A motion by Nissen, 2nd Gardner to approve the Joint Powers Agreement: Kandiyohi County and Minnesota State Sheriff’s Offices, BCA and DPS Resolution 2022-44 passed unanimously. A motion by Imdieke, 2nd Anderson, to approve the New London Spicer Schools Liaison Deputy Agreement 2022-2023 was passed unanimously. A motion by Nissen, 2. Imdieke to approve a contract with Mark Boeschen, Broadband Chair, to provide a $15,000 ($5,000 per year: 2022, 2023, 2024) per diem funded from ARP funds, and authorizing the County Board Chair and County Administrator to sign the contract passed unanimously on a vote. A motion by Imdieke, 2nd Nissen to approve Resolution 2022-45: TH 23 Diversion Agreement No. 1051081 and authorize the County Board Chairman and County Administrator to sign Th 23 Diversion Agreement No. 1051081 was passed unanimously. A motion by Imdieke, 2nd Anderson, to approve Resolution 2022-46, CSAH 2 Railroad Crossing Agreement, and authorize the County Board Chairperson and County Administrator to sign the Railroad Crossing Agreement between Canadian Pacific and the State of Minnesota was passed unanimously . Jill Bengtson, director of the Kandiyohi County Housing and Redevelopment Agency, appeared before the commissioners to provide an update on program activities and to request funding of $750,450.00 for 2023. A motion by Gardner, 2nd Imdieke to approve the $750,450.00 application in 2023 from the Kandiyohi County HRA was unanimously approved. Larry Kleindl, District Administrator, provided administrative updates and the commissioners presented their committee reports for informational purposes only. The board meeting on Tuesday, December 6, 2022 at 9:00 am is rescheduled to Thursday, December 1, 2022 at 9:00 am in the boardroom. Liza Donabauer, DOA Human Resources, Inc., appeared before the commissioners to provide an update on the district administrator’s search process and to facilitate the selection of finalists for interviews. The District Administrator position was advertised on July 20, 2022 and closed on August 18, 2022. Ms. Donabauer indicated that eight applications were received for the position, with four candidates selected for finalist selection. The finalists were then selected by the commissioners in an anonymous voting process for interviews. After discussing the need to fill the position again due to the small pool of applicants, it was decided to proceed with the current candidates. A motion from Imdieke, 2nd Gardner to advance scheduling of interviews with all four candidates for borough administrator. Motion by roll call with 4 yes votes and 1 no vote, 4-1 (against Roland Nissen). Final Interview Schedule for September 27, 2022: Liza Donabauer, ODA Human Resources, Inc. reviewed the proposed interview schedule and a variety of options with the Commissioners. She noted that a list of interview questions would be provided and no other questions were allowed. A motion by Imdieke, 2nd Gardner to follow the interview schedule as written with the deletion of Item #3: Individual Interviews with Each Board Member and Item #4: Community Meet and Greet was unanimously approved. Travel Reimbursement: Liza Donabauer, DOA Human Resources, Inc., reviewed travel reimbursement options for candidates. A motion by Imdieke, 2nd Berg, to pay each candidate $100.00 per day for travel, lodging and expenses, receipts required, passed unanimously. Upon request, the meeting was adjourned until Monday, September 19, 2022, 9:00 a.m. CERTIFICATE: /s/ Larry Kleindl Clerk of Board BY BOARD OF DIRECTORS: /s/ George “Corky” Berg Chairman (WWCT: 24 Sept 2022) (WREM: 25 Sept 2022) 103728

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